Based on ”Giraffe's
Dream Project”

Tools for empathy with kindergarten children

Welcome to our transformative program, "Tools for empathy with kindergarten children". In 16th, 17th and 18th of October, over three engaging hours, we will embark on a journey to understand and connect with children on a deeper level. 

In Part 1, we'll explore the complexities of children's challenging behaviors, equipping you with powerful insights and strategies. In Part 2, we delve into the heart of human behavior, revealing how understanding needs can transform interactions. Finally, in Part 3, we unlock the power of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) in relationships and introduce the inspiring Giraffe's Dream Project.

Get ready to enhance your empathy, foster meaningful connections, and make a lasting impact in your educational and parenting roles.


what would you Learn

Gain Powerful Insights

Discover effective strategies to support children exhibiting aggression, providing you with the tools to make a meaningful impact on their well-being.

Develop Genuine Empathy

Learn to step into a child's world, viewing their perspective with authentic understanding rather than making assumptions. This skill fosters deeper connections and more effective communication.

Uncover Human Behavior

Explore the profound concept that every action, even childhood behaviors like hitting with a shovel, stems from an underlying need. This knowledge helps you address challenging behaviors with empathy.

Enhance Relationships

Understand why NVC can sometimes be met with resistance from children and partners, enabling you to navigate relationships with greater ease and harmony.

Inspire Change

Discover how to inspire and engage people in the transformative Giraffe's Dream Project, empowering you to introduce it successfully in your kindergarten, preschool, or school environment.

What will happen

The 3-day program

Day 1: "Understanding Challenging Behaviors" (1 Hour)

Introduction (10 minutes): Welcome and overview of the program's objectives.
Session 1: Dealing with Aggressive Behavior (20 minutes): Explore the reasons behind aggressive behavior in children, the impact it has on them, and effective strategies for support.
Session 2: Empathy Building (20 minutes): Learn techniques to put yourself in a child's shoes, understand their perspective, and communicate empathetically.
Q&A and Discussion (10 minutes): Participants can ask questions and share insights.

Day 2: "Understanding Human Needs and Behavior" (1 Hour)

Recap and Introduction (10 minutes): Brief recap of Part 1 and introduction to Part 2.
Session 3: Needs-Based Understanding (20 minutes): Explore how all actions, even those seemingly negative, are attempts to meet underlying human needs.
Session 4: Transforming Behavior (20 minutes): Learn practical approaches to addressing challenging behaviors while considering the needs of both children and adults.
Q&A and Discussion (10 minutes): Encourage participants to ask questions and share their experiences.

Day 3: "Effective Communication and Inspiring Change" (1 Hour)

Recap and Introduction (10 minutes): Summarize Parts 1 and 2, highlighting key takeaways.
Session 5: NVC in Relationships (20 minutes): Explore how NVC can improve relationships with children and partners, addressing resistance and fostering understanding.
Session 6: The Giraffe's Dream Project (20 minutes): Dive into the Giraffe's Dream Project, its benefits, and strategies to inspire and implement it in educational settings.
Q&A, Discussion, and Conclusion (10 minutes): Participants can ask final questions, share their plans, and receive guidance on their future steps.

Frank Gaschler

Your guide

  • Frank Gaschler is a certified trainer in Nonviolent Communication (by CNVC.ORG) and the co-creator of "The Giraffe's Dream® project" implemented in over 300 kindergartens and day centers in multiple countries.
  • With a diverse background, Frank have served as a systemic mediator in companies and organizations, offering coaching and guidance. His journey also includes his role as a social pedagogical counselor at the Derksen Grammar School until 2014 and an accomplished book author. Additionally, he contributed as a consultant specializing in eLearning and Change Management, as well as a dedicated social pedagogue within the vocational youth welfare service.
  • Frank lives in Munich (Germany), and his primary motivation is to "save children" from the cultural and structural violence they are forced to adapt to.

When and how

  • In 16th, 17th and 18th of October 2023, from 17.30 CET for one hour.
  • The three live webinars will be held in English via zoom platform. Access links will be provided ONLY to the ones who register. 
  • All webinars are FREE, but no recordings will be made. Even if there is connections between sessions, you can attend to any of them. 
  • Anyone is welcomed, but be aware that the program is designed for educators and other educational personnel who work with preschool children.
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Quote from the Bavarian curriculum of education:

In the kindergartens, the children learn the ability to empathize with other people, to get an idea of their motivations and feelings and to understand their actions. At the same time, the children learn to check their observations in conversation with the counterpart. Conflicts for example offer occasions for learning empathy - particularly when children who are not part of the conflict are asked for their opinion of the reasons, the motives of the conflict parties and their current experience.